Friday, December 19, 2014

Gold-Hater Ron Insana is Concerned the Fed is Too Focused on Inflation

Ron Insana thinks Janet "Easy' Yellen is too tight.

He writes at CNBC:
There was no reason for the Federal Reserve to alter the language in its official policy statement...
The world is still at risk of deflation and weak economic growth...
What bothers me most is the notion that the drop in domestic inflation is transitory.
Is Insana a vegetarian or something? He sure would not be getting the sense that deflation was a problem if he was buying beef.  (SEE: Price of Ground Beef Climbs to Another Record...)  He sure isn't looking at the most regularly watched economic data if he thinks the economy isn't recovering (SEE:The Big Four Data Points: Flashing Green). And he sure isn't looking at the leading economic index (SEE: US Leading Economic Index Increased Again in November to Highest Level Since July 2007).

Is this guy doing anything beyond reading Paul Krugman confusion?

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