Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just What Europe Needs: "Tax Harmonisation"

“Capitalism breathes through...loopholes" -Ludwig von Mises

Germany, France and Italy have launched a campaign to tighten EU tax rules that appears aimed at practices in Luxembourg and will add political pressure on the new European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, the Grand Duchy’s former premier, reports FT.

The three countries are calling for an EU-wide law by the end of next year that would outlaw “aggressive tax planning” and close some common loopholes used by companies and member states to limit their tax bills.

“The lack of tax harmonisation in the European Union is one of the main causes allowing aggressive tax planning, base erosion and profit shifting (Beps) to develop within the internal market,” say the three finance ministers – Germany’s Wolfgang Schäuble, France’s Michel Sapin, and Italy’s Pier Carlo Padoan – in a letter to Pierre Moscovici, the European economy, finance and tax commissioner that was obtained by FT.

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