Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sorting M&Ms with an iPhone

Robots are going to destroy those who think they are going to raise the minimum wage without causing massive unemployment among the least skilled. writes:
Created by the nameless U.K. blogger behind the reviewmylife blog, the machine uses an iPhone 5s as its brain. The handset's camera is capable of sensing different colours and so can "sort" the M&Ms as they fall past. The phone communicates the information via Bluetooth to an Arduino board, which in turn opens the correct gate based on that colour.

The finished prototype is not just a shining example of ingenuity but also of a glimpse of some of the more esoteric possibilities that the Internet of Things is going to bring.

(via Marginal Revolution)

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  1. That's not internet of things, that's simple automation. No network. It is merely processing power and hardware brought down to cheap levels. This has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or a network.