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Walter Block Fans in the Amish Community

The following email exchange took place between  Paul Fisher, Dr. Walter Block and me:


I’m an EPJ reader, Alert subscriber, and just signed up for your blogging course. I’m hoping you can help me.

My question is off topic, but sincere. As treasurer of my local volunteer fire department I have gradually been able to turn the finances of our department around completely to the point where we are wildly successful financially. This is in complete contrast to what is happening in fire departments across the country. I attribute most of this success to my understanding of economics.

Because of this success I have (accidentally) become fairly influential in my community and at my local municipality. Recently I was able to generate enough grass roots support to successfully stop the passing of an International Property Maintenance Code that was being pushed for by our municipality. I am now being asked to address similar types of issues at the township level.

My question is this: are you aware of, and can you refer me to any information regarding the “proper” Rothbardian stance on local issues such as zoning, property maintenance codes, building codes, etc.? I’m looking for books, papers, public debates, etc. that would help me understand and apply the non-aggression principle when it comes to local issues. Essentially I’m wondering how Murray Rothbard would have handled these types of issues. Since Murray is no longer around, I figure you are the best remaining available source. Also, I figure there may be lots of other people out there reading your blog that are in similar positions and would love to read a blog post on this topic. Please help!

Thank you, and thanks for all you do for freedom!

Paul Fisher


My response with a CC to Walter Block:

I would google "Walter Block" and whatever specific topic you are interested in.  He, by far, addresses the nature of what a libertarian society would look like and these specific issues.
Here he is on zoning:
 Dear Bob:

Thanks for recommending me to Paul

Dear Paul:

Here's some more material. Any more urban topics you need covered beside fire, zoning, rent control?


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Rent control:

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Best regards,


Walter E. Block, Ph.D.

Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics

Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business

Loyola University New Orleans
 Dear Professor Block,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my email. I appreciate all of the information you sent, and I will be reading and applying as much of it as possible.

It is an honor to have gotten a response from you and I would just like you to know that the hard work you've done is touching people's lives. The libertarian philosophy that you have worked so hard to advance is being embraced by many of my friends, and is even working its way into our local politics. More importantly, it is an intellectual blessing to many of us across the country and inspires us to live more principled and better lives.

I have to add one more item that you may find humorous. I was born and raised in an Amish family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Although I am not personally practicing the faith, (too authoritarian for my taste) many of my family and friends are still Amish and I've found them to be very receptive to anarcho-capitalist ideas. I've recommended your book, "Defending the Undefendable" to a few of them and they really enjoyed it. So among your many other fans you can now add the Amish to your list of supporters. I thought you might find that interesting.

Thanks again for being such an inspiration on behalf of liberty.

Best regards,

Paul Fisher


  1. Wow, great to hear that a good and peaceable group of folks are fans of Dr. Block and his ideas. I had no idea.

  2. Being a libertarian and a Baptist who has studied Amish philosophy, I have noted the two systems of belief frequently align with one another.

  3. iakobos,

    "I have noted the two systems of belief frequently align with one another."

    Could you elaborate on this? Sounds very interesting...