Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Fear that The Eagle Ford Shale Play is Going to Crater"

This is BIG.

A Project Surveyor  emails
Just thought you’d like to know that we just received word that construction of 225 miles of a Conoco-Phillips pipeline running from southwest of Houston to north of Corpus Christi has been cancelled.  It seems that their afraid the Eagle Ford shale play is going to crater.
The Eagle Ford Shale’s productive area is roughly 50 miles wide and 400 miles long ranging from the Texas-Mexico border north toward East Texas.

In the first six months of 2013, the Eagle Ford produced 2.69 billion cubic feet of gas and 599,000 barrels of oil and condensate per day; the oil production represented an increase of 51% over the average for 2012. By the end of 2013, production had skyrocketed to over 1,000,000 boe/day

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