Monday, January 12, 2015

Sowell vs. Kristof on Race

Economist Thomas Sowell takes on NYT's Nicholas Kristof’s assertions on race.


  1. Funny that these liberal jokers like counterfactuals when asking "Where would blacks have been if not for slavery?" but they don't like asking similar counterfactual questions like "Where would black unemployment and crime rate be without the minimum wage and the war on drugs?"

    Not to mention that Sowell does not like the counterfactual of "Where would the American empire be without the War on Terror?"

    1. War on drugs is not the cause of black crime and unemployment, but a symptom because blacks NOT more apt to tell drugs because they're black. They resort to crime because of the war on poverty, minimum wage and the increase.of the welfare state which allows more goodies for single mothers. This notion that the war on drugs targets blacks is extremely offensive and even racist, to think that a "race" of people are nothing more than drug dealers and that laws banning drugs that have bad societal consequences target blacks moreso than anyone else is preposterous