Thursday, January 22, 2015

THERE IS NO INFLATION: NYC Subway Fare Raised By 10%

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority raised the cost of a subway ride by 25 cents to $2.75. The fare increase, which will take effect on March 22. This is the second hike since the 2008 financial crisis.

Increases were also approved for the Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad; tolls for the authority’s bridges and tunnels will also rise.

A history of basic one-ridefare increases for the New York City subway system.

* Oct. 27, 1904, subway opens, fare of 5 cents.

* July 1, 1948, increases to 10 cents.

* July 25, 1953, 15 cents; fares now apply to bus lines.

* July 5, 1966, 20 cents.

* Jan. 1, 1970, 30 cents.

* Jan. 1, 1972, 35 cents.

* Sept. 1, 1975, 50 cents.

* June 29, 1980, 60 cents.

* July 4, 1981, 75 cents.

* Jan. 1 1984, 90 cents.

* Jan. 1, 1986, $1.

* Jan. 1, 1990, $1.15.

* Jan. 1, 1992, $1.25.

* Nov. 12, 1995, $1.50.

* May 4, 2003, $2. 00.

* March 25, 2009, $2.50.



  1. What's this ?
    Those bastards are raising the fare again.

    This torques me off.
    I am going to abandon my Libertarian principles and call for the government to takeover the subway system from these fare raising bozos !

  2. NYC has a real pair of mellons to charge this much for a ride in the sewer

  3. Wasn't the NYC subway system privately built? I read somewhere that when then wanted to raise rates, the public screamed for a government takeover. That happened and then they raised rates.

  4. Government run transit operates at a loss. Fares do not even pay operating costs. The fare is an arbitrary political value and has nothing to do with the cost of the underlying service provided.

    When the politicians and/or their appointees feel they can get a little more out of people who use transit but not those who don't they raise the fares. When they feel they can squeeze the people who don't use it, they raise taxes with the excuse of using the proceeds for transit.

    1. Spot on, B. Actually, a 10% increase in 6 years is pretty minimal and just barely scratches the surface of the costs for this transportation.

  5. When their costs overrun the budget they threaten to cut services. The transportation using public demand fare increases rather than lose the service which they probably need to get to work. Nobody ever suggests increasing ad revenue or making less profitable routes more profitable, increasing ridership etc etc