Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bitcoin Exchange: Hacker Attacks on Us Have Been Kind of Never Ending; We Are Closing

Canadian bitcoin exchange Cavirtex has announced that it will shut down operations next month following the compromise of sensitive security information, including password hashes and two-factor authentication secrets, reports CoinDesk.
The company announced the closure in a 17th February post on its website, citing the risks of continued operation due to damage done to the exchange's reputation. The post stated that Cavirtex remains solvent and that client funds were unaffected during the incident.
Vice president of the Calgary-based exchange Kyle Kemper told CoinDesk that the exchange has been the target of hackers for some time, and acknowledged that given the ongoing security risks, customer balances are at risk of being stolen.
Kemper said:
“[The closure] has entirely to do with the fact that some of our databases were compromised. And, given the history of hackers against us, you know, it seems to be kind of never ending. We never lost any client funds but its getting to the point where it could happen."
Kemper said that customers have been asked to alter account information on the website, including passwords, as well as re-input withdrawal balances. The closure announcement also advised users to clear all site cookies.
Trading on the exchange will cease on 20th March, and balance withdrawals will proceed until 25th March.

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  1. Meanwhile, BCBS GA lost all its data. I guess health insurance just isn't workable idea.