Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Crony Meetings of Fed Chair Janet Yellen

Via a Freedom of Information Act request,  the Wall Street Journal has obtained the 2014 schedule calendar of Fed chair Janet Yellen.  A part of this schedule was previously published by WSJ, but now the entire 2014 schedule is available.

A quick perusal of the list shows various meetings with the bankster crowd, including Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon. Also there were two meeting with economist Jefferey Sachs. the only non-Fed economist that Yellen met with more than once. Yellen also met with members of the AFL-CIO twice and with the CEOs of  the private equity firms, Blum Capital Partners, L.P. and Equilibrium Capital Group, also meeting with Yellen.

Below are key meetings on Yellen's schedule, they include the date of the meeting,  category as labeled by the Fed, person attending and the length in minutes of the meeting.

4/3/14 Other Meetings Meeting: The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

4/8/14 Academics Meeting: Anat Admati, Stanford University 60

4/8/14 Bankers Meeting: Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs 60

4/9/14 Bankers Meeting: Anshu Jain, Deutsche Bank 60

4/11/14 Academics Meeting: Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University 30

4/21/14 Other Meetings Telephone call: Timothy Cook, CEO Apple 30

6/5/14 Bankers Meeting: BlackRock 60

6/19/14 Former Fed officials Meeting: Alan Blinder 90

6/24/14 Bankers Meeting: Mike Corbat, CEO of Citigroup 30

7/22/14 Other Meetings Call from Jeffrey Sachs Columbia University 30

10/7/14 Other Meetings AFL-CIO Meeting 60

11/4/14 Bankers Meeting with Dave Chen, CEO Equilibrium Capital Group 60

11/19/14 Bankers Call from Richard Blum, Blum Capital Partners, L.P. 30

11/21/14 Other MeetingsMeeting with Ford Motor Company Executives 60

12/2/14 Bankers Meeting with Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan 60



  1. Comex Gold Open Interest Numbers Show Massive Manipulated Gold Hit In Progress
    February 18, 2015Financial Markets, Gold, Market Manipulation, Precious Metals, U.S. EconomyComex, HSBC, JP Morgan, Scotia, silver

    The Comex is a complete fraud. It’s one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history.

    With China and Viet Nam (the latter being a major gold importing country) now closed until next Wednesday in observance of their Lunar New Year, the bullion banks have engaged in a major attempt to drive the price of gold lower. Yesterday (Tuesday) 99,000 gold contracts – 9.9 million ounces or 287 tonnes – were sold into the market between 9 a.m and 11 a.m. EST, which had the effect of driving the price of gold down over $26. To put this into context, a total of 179,833 contracts traded between 6 p.m. Monday and 5 p.m. Tues. The entire daily trading period is 23 hours. But 55% of yesterday’s total trading volume – the volume used to slam gold – was traded in a two-hour window of NY trading.

    Think about it this way: in that two-hour window, 35 days worth of daily global gold mine production traded in the form of paper gold. The open interest expanded by 5,290 contracts, which translates into just over 15 tonnes of gold. The total amount of gold available for delivery – the “registered” account gold – is 804.9k ounces, or 23 tonnes. In just one day, the bullion banks (JP Morgan, HSBC and Scotia) sold forward 65% of the entire stock of deliverable gold on the Comex. And that’s if you really believe the unaudited bank reports which produce the gold warehouse stock reports. I do not.

  2. At those meetings, her marching orders from her bosses are given.

    1. Taibbi: A Whistleblower's Horror Story

      If a whistleblower reveals benign 'secrets' of government actions to a domestic reporter in the time honored tradition, they may be prosecuted as 'enemies of the state' under the abusive misuse of the Espionage Act.

      And if they tell the truth about a fraud involving one of the privileged financial institutions, they may find themselves involved in a cruel farce in the judicial system.

      This story is almost incredible, of how an appellate judge overturned the verdict of his peers, and opened this man to officially sanctioned retribution for daring to tell truth to power about Countrywide Financial.

      This is a disgrace.