Saturday, February 14, 2015

Elon Musk Dines with the President

What kind of crony stuff is Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk getting into now?

In San Francisco Friday evening, President Obama dined at  Spruce.

According to KPIX TV,Musk joined Obama for dinner.

From KPIX:
After spending the day at Stanford University for a cybersecurity summit, Mr. Obama headed to a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at a home in San Francisco’s Russian Hill.

“I’ve seen the Queen go by a few times, she has a big cavalcade, but it’s nothing as big as this, this was immense. So, many cars, so many motorbikes, bomb squads everything,” said Nicola Webb, who is visiting San Francisco from London.
 After a quick stop back at the Fairmont Hotel, where the president is staying, the president headed to dinner at Spruce...
The dinner was billed on the White House schedule as one with “friends and staff.” None other than Musk, who was forced to park his red Model S two blocks from the restaurant...
Musk heading towards Spruce.

“Valerie Jarrett walked right by, and then the president walked in and said hello to the folks in the front, and zoomed right to the back,” said Roger Huffstetler, who was dining at Spruce on Friday night.The president dined at private room in Spruce, away from most of the diners.


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  1. musk plays the crony angle to the max. why wawn't jerry brown at the dinner as well?