Friday, February 6, 2015

Remember Someone's Name By Associating It With a Famous Person

Forbes writer Kristi Hedges informs:
I received a life-changing tip that was a spin on this from a speaker who spoke to my Vistage group years ago. After meeting the 15 people in our group very briefly, he proceeded to go around the room and repeat each of our names perfectly. His trick? As you meet someone, consider a famous person (or famous to you) who shares their first name and looks somewhat like them, i.e. Ryan looks like Ryan Gosling (if you could be so lucky.) I've found that it can be harder to make the association, but once you do, it's locked in.
Without really understanding this technique, I used it just this week.

I was introduced to a camera man on Monday, whose name was Tony. He looked "tough" to me. so I associated him with Tony Soprano.

I saw him again yesterday and it was easy to remember his name.


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