Friday, February 6, 2015

Union Calls For Adjunct Professor Pay to Quintuple

WaPo reports:
It’s been true for a long time now that academia — or at least the part of it that teaches students — relies heavily on the labor of adjunct faculty. As the number of tenured professors has fallen, universities have filled more than half of their schedules with teachers who work on contract. And no wonder: They’ll work for less than half what a full-time professor makes, at a median wage of just $2,700 per course, with scant benefits, if any.

Now, a union that’s been rapidly organizing adjuncts around the country thinks that number should quintuple. Last night, on a conference call with organizers across the country, the SEIU decided to extend the franchise with a similar aspirational benchmark: A “new minimum compensation standard” of $15,000. Per course. Including benefits.

Actually, I almost would be willing to see a minimum wage for adjunct professors of $15,000 per course, maybe higher. Then when they get laid off, a couple of them might make the connection between minimum wage laws and unemployment.



  1. The economics professors would be the last group to understand.

  2. Give 'em what they ask for - good and hard!