Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why We Need Global Warming: Eye-Gouging Snowy Owls Have Descended Upon NYC

DNAinfo reports that owls from the arctic have temporarily migrated to NYC to enjoy the freezing temps.

About seven snowy owls have been spotted this year in the New York City area, mostly in coastal parts of Queens and Brooklyn. But for what bird experts think is the first time ever, they've also started to gentrify Governors Island.

But here's the problem as reported by New York Magazine:
Lest you think you can befriend one and convince it to fly messages to friends in other boroughs à la Hedwig, beware: The birds are "top-notch predators" and won't think twice about gouging your eyes out.


  1. Surely the environmentalists will now take up arms along side the warmists in order to prevent man kind from destroying this new habitat of the Snowy Owl by raising the temperatures via CO2.

  2. [aka Stargazer] The owls don't give a hoot about the global warming meme.