Monday, March 9, 2015

Apple Watch: Available April 24 for Between $349 and $17000

Apple Watch  launches April 24 and preorders begin April 10. (You'll also be able to visit the Apple Store on April 10 and test the watch before you buy.)

There are three versions of the Apple Watch and each version comes in two screen sizes. Prices will vary depending on the options you choose.

The cheapest version is the Apple Watch Sport, which has an aluminum casing. It starts at $349 for the small-screen model and $399 for the big-screen model.

Next, is the Apple Watch, which is made of stainless steel. It starts at $549 (small screen) or $599 (big screen). The most expensive version of this tier will cost $1,049. (The Apple Watch has the most wristband options, and pricing on each one will vary.)

Finally, there's the Apple Watch Edition, made of 18-karat gold. It'll start at $10,000 and only be sold in select high-end stores. The most expensive version of the Apple Watch Edition will cost $17,000.

Here are some of the watch features:

The SPG app on Apple Watch lets you check into your hotel and unlock your room.

Apple Watch will pull your boarding pass from Passbook when you’re near the airport.

Request a ride on Uber with Apple Watch. Without reaching for your phone.

You can buy lunch at places like Whole Foods using Apple Pay on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch encourages you to sit less. Move more. And get some exercise.

Digital Touch lets you send a sketch, a tap, or even your heartbeat to other people wearing Apple Watch.

See who’s calling without having to reach for your phone.


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    1. [aka Stargazer] Yup! And the suckers will line up to buy them.

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    1. Sub $500 cool "useless bullshit" like this...amazing.

      I have struggled against the "cult of Mac" but recently relented.

      Dale Fitz