Monday, March 9, 2015

Economic Delusions, Political Demagoguery, and Ideological Deceptions

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

I have a new article on the news and commentary website, "EpicTimes," on "Economic Delusions, Political Demagoguery," and Ideological Deceptions."

Many times when the friend of economic freedom makes his case against government intervention, regulation and redistribution, he is accused of hating the poor, not caring about humanity, and being an apologist for greedy businessmen.

There are three reasons behind this accusation of being against the ends of greater opportunity and wealth for "the advantaged" because of what, in fact, is a disagreement over the most appropriate means to improve peoples' lives.

First, failure to look beyond the surface to the longer-run consequences of misguided government policies that can make undesirable situations worse. Second, those who don't really care about "the poor" but use that rhetoric as a way to gain power for personal gain and position.

And, third, those who are collectivist ideologues who want power because they arrogantly and presumptuously believe they have a right to direct and control the lives of others due to the hubris of truly thinking that they know what is good for humanity.

The third is the worst and most dangerous to freedom and humanity. But all three reasons that lead down the wrong road of government intervention and planning must be opposed with right reasoning about government vs. the market, and equally importantly, with the moral case for individual rights and liberty over the call for sacrifice to the collective.


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    This morning I wake up and see this headline from CNBC post on “Stay Clear, Gold Sell-Off Could Get Uglier” (LINK). CNBC dragged out none other than Rick Spooner of CMC Markets? Who? I’ve been involved in every aspect of the precious metals market since late 2001 and I’ve never heard of Rick Spooner or CMC markets. I looked up CMC Markets and I find that it’s a retail online forex bucket shop business (Goldman owns 10%) based in London. Rick Spooner? Why not just drag out Pee Wee Herman and have him read off a teleprompter?