Friday, March 13, 2015

US Budget Economist Larry Kotlikoff to Speak in New Jersey

Larry Kotlikoff, the Boston University professor, who has been telling it straight about the true financial state of the US government, will be speaking in New Jersey in April.

Murray Sabrin writes:

Hope all is well.  The first stop of my state tour was a success.  One of the organizers said:

"You are a very engaging speaker, obviously you know your material and history. You made me look  great holding such a quality event."  Another attendee, a businessman and inventor, said he learned more in the two hour presentation about the economy than he has in the past 15 years.

Larry Kotlikoff will be the keynote speaker at the Medicare/Medicaid symposium I am moderating at Ramapoo /College on April 21 at 7pm.  Your readers are invited to attend the event, and they can register at

For your readers who cannot attend, I am pleased to inform you that the event will be streamed live on the Internet.


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  1. Costs could always come down if they let them....

    Breakthrough Molecular 3D Printer Can Print Billions of Possible Compounds

    Burke and his team have created a machine which could be described as a major breakthrough in the field of chemistry, a ‘molecule-making machine’. Sound futuristic? Well that’s because it is. The machine, which was described in a paper featured in today’s issue of Science, could best be described as a 3D printer for chemicals.
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