Friday, March 13, 2015

Cost Obsessions Map has put this map together of the most searched for costs by state, using Google "search for" data.


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    1. I got a chuckle out of "DNA Test" and the spelling of "secession".

      Yet another ding against "democracy" as it's defined today. I swear the map looks like a cut scene from Idiocracy.

      Kudos to you for the Burgundy quote.

  2. Government plays a role in the high costs of all these goods and services through licensing, bans,and other regulations.

  3. I'd like to see the graph on that. Google has studied search terms a lot (duh) and they say theres only a few percent more searches for most prevalent search term than the rest. In other words, the search landscape is 10 parsecs wide and a micron deep. The #1 search term is only searched a miniscule amount more than the rest of the terms. Of course the more search terms there are the less that is true, but I bet the #1 search for "cost of" wasnt more than a few percent more than the rest.

  4. Are North Dakotans obsessed with "a minor" costs? Is there a large underage enthusiast contingent in North Dakota?

  5. According to the source they're doing a google search for "how much does a * cost in " and looking at the autocomplete suggestions. So the result for NY is based on Albany.

    I'm skeptical due to the level of variability here: 50 states and nearly as many different answers? Unfortunately I'm not motivated enough to try it myself. *shrug*

    1. that should read "How much does a * cost in [insert capital city, state x]"