Wednesday, March 18, 2015

German Court Places Nationwide Ban on Uber

Yesterday, Paris police raided the French headquarters of Uber.

Now comes news that a German regional court has imposed a nationwide ban on local transport services using Uber and uberPOP smartphone apps.

Presiding judge Joachim Nickel said in a court hearing ahead of the ruling that Uber violated German laws on commercial passenger transportation since its drivers did not have the right kinds of licenses.

“There is a violation of the passenger transport law because drivers operate without authorisation,” Nickel said.

Lessons to takeaway:

It is often very difficult to take on entrenched, government protected industries.

The harassment in Europe of innovative corporations is a great indication of why European economies in general are sluggish.



  1. The cronies win in Germany and France.

  2. Can't help but share Victoria Nuland's sentiment towards EU.