Monday, March 2, 2015

Milton Friedman Turning Over in His Grave: Oakland's Minimum Wage Goes Up to $12.25 Today

 The minimum wage in Oakland, California is now the highest in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On Monday, the minimum wage jumped from $9 an hour to $12.25 an hour under an initiative that was approved by voters last November.

The nearby Emeryville city council is looking at raising its minimum wage to $14.03 an hour.

It should be noted that Oakland has a very high black population and as Milton Friedman correctly noted high minimum wages destroy the opportunity for many blacks to find employment.


  1. More confusion offered from, Bob. Yeah Milton so cared about the Black Man, he cannot believe the Black and White Man might use the same minimum wage law to keep the new Cheap Labor Lobby threat from the South out of work.

    This sort of posturing is so out of touch, it's ridiculous. Stop carrying water for the Adelson et al Cheap Labor Lobby already--we have enough trouble with the Koch version of libertarians.

    1. "Confusion offered by Bob"?

      So you are in favor of high black unemployment?

    2. There is no confusion other than your response which offers absolutely no counter argument to anything in the video. It's pretty clear that you are not concerned with being right or even how much harm your views may do to others, its all about being on the "popular" side of the argument. After all you wouldn't want to be "out-of-touch". And by the way, a theory is not made right or wrong by who supports it.

      Hey Bob, you're ideas are "out of touch". Guess you better stop thinking and get with the program of acceptable left wing opinion. It seems as though nothing can be questioned anymore with these control freaks. During the Bush years I actually thought Progressives were far better than neocons. Today I honestly can't tell the difference. These people just don't question anything.