Monday, March 2, 2015

Why Gas Prices Are Going to Climb Another 15 to 20 Cents in the Next Few Weeks

We remain far off 52 week highs in gasoline prices, but prices have climbed for the last 32 days, and a further climb is ahead.

Ben Tracy at CBS reports:
Gas prices are starting to rise again. The nationwide average is $2.37 a gallon, up 34 cents in the past month.

In Southern California, the price at the pump has spiked a record 79 cents, according to AAA. Drivers are lining up to fill up before prices go up again.

"Right now we're basically in the eye of the storm," says Allison Mac, an analyst with

She says the problem is not the price of crude oil, which is holding steady at about $49 per barrel. The problem is at the refinery.

"In the industry we call this a first quarter climb. Every year around this time, nationally prices go up because we switch over to summer blend gas," Mac explains. "Summer fuel gasoline is actually more expensive to produce."

Refineries go through a maintenance cycle during the switch over. That means production is lower.

An explosion at the Exxon Mobil refinery in Torrance, California, last week made things worse and a strike by steelworkers at 12 refineries across the country is impacting 20 percent of oil production...

Analysts say prices will jump another 15 to 20 cents in the next few weeks, peaking in late March. But gas prices are still about a dollar cheaper nationwide than they were this time last year.

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