Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nine Lectures on the "Economics of Liberty"

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

The Nassau Institute in the Bahamas has uploaded the videos of nine lectures I delivered at the College of the Bahamas during March 5-7, 2015, under the title, “The Economics of Liberty.”

The lectures are on:

1.     1.The Moral Foundations of the Free Society

2.     2.Thee Meaning and Morality of Market Competition and the Profit and Loss System

3.     3.Why Socialism Failed: The Ethical and Economic Bankruptcy of the Planned Society

4.     4. Understanding the Economics of the Political Process: Ethical Entrepreneurship or Crony Capitalism?

5.     5. The Ethics and Economics of Redistribution: Are We Helping Our Fellow Men Through the Welfare State?

6.     6. The Fiscal Crisis of Our Time: The Ethics and Economics of Income Taxes, VAT, and Deficit Spending

7.     7. Being Moral Stewards of the Planet: Market Solutions to Our Environmental Problems

8.     8. Money and Inflation: The Moral Hazards of Paper Money

9.     9. The Virtues of Liberty: Restoring a Free Society

The Nassau Institute is the leading and most respected voice for free market, limited government ideas in the Bahamas, and made these lectures possible with the generous support of the Templeton Foundations.




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