Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kshama Sawant's Next Planned Attempt to Destroy Free Markets

Seattle's Socialist City Council Member Kshama Sawant is not content with introducing a $15.00 minimum wage in Seattle, which will result in lost jobs for many. She now wants to introduce rent controls in the city, which will do nothing but screw up the rental market.

KIRO 7 reports:
Sawant says she’s tackling housing costs next, with a proposal to exempt cities like Seattle from the statewide ban on rent control and use a billion dollars in bonds to build affordable housing.
“Look at the city, the rent is out of control.”

Sawant has scheduled a big public hearing on affordable housing for Thursday, April 23, at Seattle City Hall.

Keep it up  Kshama. In no time you will have Seattle looking like a living breathing version of what Taco Bell wants us to believe McDonald's is like.


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  1. The woman is a public menace. I hope the good people of Seattle are having buyer's remorse with this crazy chick.

    The cure for high prices is high prices. It's a signal to producers to increase supply and for renters to forego the higher priced apartments. The market would clear if idiots like Sawant would allow it to occur.