Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Impact of Rent Controls (NYC Edition)

Fran Lebowitz

NYC is a very difficult place to find a decent apartment. It's a combination of  rent controls and having to compete against Wall Streeters who are first in line to get newly printed Fed money.

Sixty-four year old author and social critic, Fran Lebowitz, tells WSJ:
I moved to New York when I was 18, and today I’m still looking for a good apartment.


  1. When are the liberals going to admit that price controls don't work? You can't have apartments without landlords, and you can't have landlords when making a profit is made illegal.

  2. Contemporary liberals as well as conservatives could not care less about the results of any of their pet policies. What they want is control over others.

    The term rent control isn't very accurate. By determining in advance what the rent is, they are controlling the property owner's actions more so than they are the rent. In the end, its all about power over others and their property.