Sunday, March 29, 2015

The US is Experiencing One of its Best Job Gain Streaks in 20 Years

The Fed manipulated boom is in full gear.

March job numbers are likely to show the 13th straight month of job gains of over 200,000, matching a run in 1994-95.

In the post-war period only the runs of 14 months in 1976-77 and 15 in 1983-84 have been higher.


  1. The Fed is pumping but these employment figures are misleading. Most of the employment boom is in Texas due to fracking. If you look at employment since the start of the recession (1/2008) through 2015 for the whole of the US EXCEPT Texas one finds only in Jan, 2015 did employment slightly exceed 1/2008. The frackers are carrying the employment ball. One economists (I don't recall which) said fracking saved our economy [from the gov in my interpretation]. U MI Econ Prof MJ Perry has reported on this several times.

    1. Where do you think the money came from to hire frackers?

    2. Of course $ are fungible so any Fed pumping contributes to all investment including a credit card charge to buy a new computer as well as fracker capital. Still, good sounding (they need not turn out to be profitable) investments raise capital under even recession and short $ times. The amounts & difficulty vary with circumstances, but the frackers had a good tale to tell and capital would likely have been raised with success delivering even more capital as investors seek higher profits.

      If you assert Fed pumping resulted in more capital, more risk, and possibly a fracking bubble, (some are closing wells under price pressure) we agree. If you assert a large increase in jobs resulting from a new profitable industry increasing the nations wealth is proof of Fed pumping and could not occur without such, we disagree.

      My main point is that there must be better evidence of Fed pumping than large increases in jobs in a new industry pumping real wealth out of the ground.