Saturday, April 4, 2015

How the State Destroys the Poor

Adam Vass Gal has written a provocative new book entitled Generational Poverty: An Economic Look at the Culture of the Poor,which looks at the cultural aspects of why people are poor, and why they stay poor.

Jeff Deist interviewed Vass Gal for the Mises Weekend, here.

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  1. Rahm Emanuel & Rick Perry Hold Public in Contempt

    Holding the public in contempt is a bipartisan effort. Consider the following stories. The first involves Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas:

    Information contained in a blistering state audit shows that at least five of the recipients... which got tens of millions of dollars from the fund — never actually submitted formal applications. At issue are at least five recipients of Texas Enterprise Fund money: Vought Aircraft...

    Texas Governor Rick Perry gave Vought, a Carlyle Group affiliate, $35 million for fifteen years. Ten years later it's unclear if Vought provided even one additional new job. Governor Perry's job number is fanciful and the recent audit gives no overall job number. In 2010 Carlyle sold Vought for $1.44 billion but not one penny was returned to Texas taxpayers.

    Chicago's Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel is as free with taxpayer money for his political benefactors and purposely evasive about those relationships:

    Emanuel’s administration has for weeks blocked the release of correspondence between his administration and one of the Democratic mayor’s top donors, Michael Sacks. The administration has also refused to release details about tens of millions of dollars in shadowy no-bid city payments to some of Emanuel's largest campaign contributors.

    Rahm's top donor is a private equity underwriter (PEU):

    The CEO of the Chicago private equity firm Grosvenor, Sacks has been described as Emanuel’s closest ally in the private sector, and has been called Emanuel’s “go-to guy” and his “top troubleshooter.”

    PEU sponsored politicians are above the law: