Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Buy a Classic Suit that Will Last a Decade

By Effortless Gent

I imagine that if you’re not a daily suit wearer, you want the one or two suits you own to last a long time, and to be stylistically relevant for as long as possible.
The most versatile suit you can own would be a medium-weight wool suit (super 100s or 120s) in a medium grey, with a two-button, single-breasted, double-vented jacket.
Despite the detail of that description, there is still a lot open to interpretation.
  • Cuff or no cuff?
  • Can I have pattern and texture on grey fabric?
  • What is the ideal lapel width?
  • How much break should my trousers have?
While there are many little details to look out for—or adjust, if going custom—pay particular attention to these five areas when shopping for your next suit.
I want to help you avoid certain trends so you can land on the most timeless silhouette possible.
Something to note: You may very well end up with a boring suit. Let’s just be real here. It’s like going to an ice cream shop and ordering plain vanilla.
However, you will have a suit that transcends most, if not all, possible suiting trends for a very long time. I can’t say forever, but at least for a decade or two.
You could always inject it with a little personality by wearing an interesting shirt, tie, or pocket square.
Another thing: It’s not bad to have a “trendy” suit. In fact, I don’t have a 100% traditional, trend-free suit. And you may not want to either.

First, let’s define the spectrum.

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