Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Judge Napolitano: Calif. Governor Jerry Brown is a Thug

On Sunday's ABC’s This Week, California Governor Jerry Brown told host Martha Raddatz that his emergency water restrictions, affect “people’s—how long they stay in the shower, how businesses use water.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano on On Your World with Stuart Varney responded from a legislative perspective, “Who does this thug who calls himself the Governor of California think he is? He can’t make up rules and impose punishments on his own. Only the Legislature can do that.”

“This nonsense, from the Oregon border to Mexico is being done by a dictator," Napolitano continued, “…To decree the punishment for violating it violates even the California constitution.”

“We’ve not yet found out how the Governor proposes to measure the duration of your shower,” Varney said.

Napolitano asked, “What do you think of about big government telling you how much water you can drink and use to brush your teeth.”

“Not much,” Varney said.

Of course, the real answer is to privatize the water sector and let the free market work everything out. like it does with other products here in America, including bottled water!

Brown made one good move by recognizing that prices are needed to allocate supply, and I credited him for this, interestingly enough in a post titled, Taking a Long Shower and Thinking About the Water "Shortage", but he needs to move things more in the direction of free markets rather than acting like a Water Nazi.

Jerry, you're no good.



  1. Good for the Judge! Unfortunately the thugs in Sacramento are in control. Brown also made it clear that his diktats do not effect the agricultural industry which use an estimated 80% of the water in California. Special interests uber alles!

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