Friday, April 3, 2015

Minimum Wage to Be Hiked in Google Land

The minimum wage is about to be hiked in Mountain View, CA. Google has its headquarters in this city of 75,000.

The minimum wage in Mountain View is set to increase to $10.30 an hour on July 1. After that, the city council hjas approved a tentative plan to continue raising the base hourly wage at the start of each July. In 2016, the minimum wage would increase to $12 an hour. That would jump to $13.50 in 2017, and then $15 in 2018. Further increases would be made annually based on numbers from the Consumer Price Index.

At the City Council meeting where the increase was approved,, Jessica LaMaack, government affairs director with the California Restaurant Association, warned that raising the minimum wage would squeeze food-service employers. She also pointed out that many waiters and bartenders earn well above minimum wage due to customer tips, but that wouldn't be factored into the city's action.

"We're asking you to hit the pause button on this," she urged. "We're one of the most competitive industries in California and we operate on a razor-thin margin."

No one seemed to care. According to the Mountain View Voice,

The recent hike in the minimum wage in Oakland has been particularly disastrous for Oakland's Chinatown district and for its childcare sector.

Here's Walter Williams explaining the disastrous result of minimum wage laws:


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  1. It seems harmless at first, but the power to increase wages is how hyperinflation starts.

    Money printing makes prices go up dramatically. People complain they cant afford to eat any more. Govt responds with min wage increases, paid for with even more money printing, which makes prices go up even faster, causing the govt to increase the min wage even faster. The vicious death spiral begins.