Saturday, April 4, 2015

Paul Krugman On Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged'

Paul Krugman writes:
After all, what is Atlas Shrugged really about? Leave aside the endless speeches and bad sex scenes. What you’re left with is the tale of how a group of plutocrats overthrow a democratically elected government with a campaign of economic sabotage.
Krugman, of course, fails to make clear that Atlas Shrugged is a novel attempting to make a point.

And the novel compares quite well against the non-fiction of John Maynard Keynes economics and his sex scenes. Not to even mention Keynes' anti-semitism.

Atlas Shrugged


  1. After all, what is Paul Krugman really about? Leave aside the lunatic rants and bad jokes. What you're left with is a fat man typing on a keyboard.

    Thinking like Krugman is fun.

  2. More proof (as if any were needed) that Paul Krugman is a moron.

    What you’re left with is the tale of how a group of plutocrats overthrow a democratically elected government with a campaign of economic sabotage.

    -> Sorry Paul, what you have is a tale of producers who tire of carry the parasites and decide to give them what they ask for. The parasites are then left with the logical conclusion to their illogical thinking.

  3. What a lying S.O.B.!! I will grant him the first bit about speeches and bad sex. But that second sentence! How many lies can you cram into one sentence?
    1. Plutocrats?!? These people were on the OUTS! The definition of plutocrat (as opposed to just a rich guy) is a RULER! i.e. Government type! Dagney et al walked away from their fortunes (which they EARNED).
    2. Overthrow??? They just walked away to their own hidey-hole, leaving the existing system in place. The LAST thing they wanted would be to gain control of such a corrupt entity.
    3. Sabotage?? Oh, to withhold your forced labor is SABOTAGE?? What does Kruggy think about union strikes?? Or does he believe in slavery? Maybe we should call in the ZOMBIE and interview Kruggy about THAT!
    BTW, that sentence rhymes with all those disinfo pieces about the "civil war".

  4. The use of the word sabotage reveals a Stalinist mindset.

  5. Ayn Rand wrote a book sixty odd years ago that predicted in detail exactly where this country was headed. A remarkable achievement.

    But it's a very thick book. My guess would be that a silly twit like Krugman never even read the book(at least not in its entirety).

    1. I doubt he read any of it. You don't have to get very far into the book to realize that the government and the those influencing the government (the moochers) are the plutocrats.

  6. I submit that our opponents behave like this 100% of the time. To the extent they were to ever fairly acknowledge a) the actual functionality of the NAP, b) prices as essential information, stimulated prices as mis-information, and/or c) funny money dilution as theft of purchasing power and they were to fairly acknowledge these as our fundamental positions, the debate would be over. They are compelled by logic and truth to lie and obfuscate about us every day, all of the time.

    I think that the endless failure of the Keynesians to acknowledge the impact of central bank monetary shenanigans going back to WWI upon the Great Depression is a similar type of BIG LIE as the current failure to acknowledge that Obama overthrew the elected government of Ukraine and installed Nazis. Going off “the gold standard” to finance a monstrous war and then trying to go back on “the gold standard” after the war is not a failure of the market. However the entire Keynesian ruse is based upon the absurd presumption that the problems were caused by “market failure”.

    We need to figure out a way to use this to our advantage.