Saturday, April 18, 2015

The 10 Best States for Retirement

According to Bankrate:
Bankrate ranked all 50 states according to a variety of factors that are important to seniors. Surprisingly, most of the top picks see a healthy dose of snow and swap ocean views for mountain landscapes. The highest-scoring spots were in the Midwest and West, with only one of the top states on the East Coast.

Instead of dependably warm temperatures, these states offer plenty of other perks for the 65-and-older set. The best states on our list typically have low costs of living, strong health care systems, low crime and tax rates, comfortable temperatures, low humidity and lots of sun.

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No. 10: Nebraska

No. 9: Arizona

No. 8: South Dakota

No. 7: Montana

No. 6: Iowa

No. 5: Virginia

No. 4: Idaho

No. 3: Utah

No. 2: Colorado

No. 1: Wyoming

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