Monday, April 6, 2015

This is What the Federal Reserve is Focused On...

and why they are likely to hike the Fed funds rate some time between June and September of this year:


  1. Goldman Sachs says to put the hikes in hold for now. The Fed will oblige. The stock market is forming a top. The fed doesn't want to tip that apple cart over. This is the end game. It's print or die forever.

    1. That's why i think they know exactly what they're doing and how destabilizing it is. They achieved their goal with QE, and now they're afraid of cutting the umbilical because they're afraid that most of that growth was due to money printing and not actual wealth creation. They're admitting that they know it's just a reinflated bubble ready to burst.

  2. Under ‘Abenomics,’ rich thrive but middle class on precipice

    Data back this up. According to labor ministry figures announced April 1, the number of households living on welfare hit a record 1,618,817 in January. This figure has been on the rise for the last two decades.

    On the other hand, data also show that the rich became even wealthier under Abe’s tenure.

    - From the Japan Times article: Under ‘Abenomics,’ Rich Thrive but Middle Class on Precipice

    Although a sizable amount of people globally are now aware of the historic theft being perpetrated on them by the various oligarchies in control of their respective nation-states, the number of people cognizant and angry about it remains far to low relative to the degree of theft at hand. There are many reasons for this, but I believe the most powerful factor is that extremely sophisticated propaganda has convinced the majority of humanity to buy into all sorts of myths about their particular country or tribe, which keeps them complacent, passive and fearful or angry at an outside threat.

    While many of these myths are targeted to specific groups or nationalities, the most powerful ones are those that target humanity on a global scale. Of these, one of the most effective has been the stock market. Pretty much everyone is taught, and buys into the idea, that rising stock markets mean rising prosperity and a strong economy. Part of this has to do with the history of the Great Depression, which is primarily associated with crashing equity markets. The idea of a rising stock market equating to a healthy economy and shared prosperity; however, is in fact a myth. A very powerful and dangerous myth at that.