Tuesday, May 19, 2015

99% of All Bitcoin Addresses Hold Less Than Less Than $24 Worth of Bitcoin

Evander Smart reports:
The table below is a snapshot of where the Bitcoin community, based upon all of the bitcoin addresses ever created, is when seen through the distribution of total bitcoin wealth. That it is so precise about the overall wallet content of Bitcoin community is somewhat startling, but a publicly distributed digital ledger should do that fairly well, I reckon. Anyway, this economic community photograph comes from around March 31st of 2015...As you can see, this shows how top-heavy the Bitcoin community is. First, there are a lot of bitcoin addresses that are either dead, abandoned or lost due to forgetting passwords/keys/usernames/, etc. Or just tens of millions of test addresses that are empty and never were destined to hold bitcoin, just to exist. Almost 99% of all the bitcoin addresses have less than one-tenth of a bitcoin, which is less than $24 USD worth at present.


  1. "based upon all of the bitcoin addresses ever created"

    Eh...pretty sure that 99% of bank accounts ever created don't even have 1 cent.