Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lower Minimum Wage To $0

By Katie Kieffer

If you love In-N-Out burgers and care about the workers who flip your burgers, then you should support a minimum wage of $0.
Deep down, I know you’re tired of seeing actors jump up and down for TV cameras while waving professional signs that read: “McGreedy! McStingy! McPoverty!” or “McShame. McDonald’s. Raise That Wage.
You weren’t born yesterday. You doubt that these protestors come up with these slogans on their own or fashion them into makeshift signs with their own cardboard, sticks and markers. You suspect they were given signs and paid to wave them. Indeed, in recent protests, 84% of McDonald's "protesters" were not real McDonald's employees but paid and trained professional rioters.
Professional rioters pout and shout in public for a one-time cash payment—not a cause. Since rioters are not entrepreneurs, they do not empathize with the challenges of competing in the restaurant business where profit margins hover at 4%. Nor do they understand the feat of turning a profit while relying on a staff of over-paid and inexperienced high school students.

RW note: Kieffer speaks truth here, Especially in Washington D.C. you see these protestors all the time. They take these protesting gigs becasue they can't get jobs at current high minimum wages. So they take cash from union organizers at below minimum wage rates to protest in favor of higher minimum wages that will keep them out of above ground jobs!


  1. I share Ms. Kieffer's disgust with sanctimonious people who have not taken the trouble to acquire marketable skills, yet demand higher wages. However, calling demonstrators "rioters" is misplaced and detracts from her otherwise valid message. Real rioters break things.

  2. I say "abolish the minimum wage!"

    It's more passionate language, see?