Sunday, May 31, 2015

Never Been to Walmart?

Pam Silva emails in response to my comment that I have never been in a Walmart:
Have you ever heard Dolly Parton sing "Coat of many Colors"?
Growing up I was surrounded by kids wearing ill fitting hand me downs, filled with shame.
Now all kids in this country get new clothes thanks to Walmart.
Walmart changed rural areas forever, allowing people to find and buy THOUSANDS of items the little Mom and Pops couldn't/didn't carry.
Walmart changed the world and you can't be bothered to go see it for yourself?

I responded:
Hi Pam,

Actually, I don't think I could name a Dolly Parton song. And, "Coat of many Colors," I don't believe I have ever heard it.

What's great about free markets is that different businesses can provide products to entirely different markets. I understand that Walmart provides products to many at great prices and that is why they have been successful.

I for one am very grateful that free markets have caused the New York Knicks to emerge as entertainment--and even more so NBA League Pass, which allows me to watch every game, I am geographically---but I am guessing that you have probably never been to a Knicks game. Free markets are about incredible choices and that is what makes them great.

Best Regards,

Bob Wenzel

Robert Wenzel
Editor & Publisher
San Francisco, CA

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  1. What some people won't do for some righteous indignation. Speaking as someone who's been into a Walmart, I've found that the best part is leaving it.