Sunday, May 17, 2015

So You Want to Know About Rand Paul's Tax Plan?

Rand Paul wants a flat tax, which he has advocated for in federal budget proposals in 2012, 2013, and 2014.
When Rand first launched his presidential campaign last month, his website featured a detailed proposal, "The Fair and Flat Tax," also known as the "EZ Tax." This detailed plan was taken down on April 8, the day after Paul's campaign kickoff, and replaced with a version of the plan that lacked specifics, WaPo reports.
As I have written before, changing the method of taking money from people is just moving pieces around on the chessboard. If you are serious about cutting taxes, and thus boosting the economy and freedom, all you need to do is start cutting taxes from the current tax system.


  1. Ron Paul has long advocated cutting spending before taxes, for reasons that should be well understood by readers of EPJ.

  2. I'm not sold on Rand, but a Fair Tax I feel has obvious advantages of our current tax system like...I don't...massively reducing the size of the IRS, saving American's literally billions of hours of lost productivity as well as stress and confusion, transparency to the average citizen on just how much they are actually taxed, greater resistance to future increases due to said transparency, etc.

  3. I like Ron Paul's flat tax idea. A flat tax of zero.

    That probably won't happen so I think a flat tax with an itemized accounting of what each department of the government sucks up in money, and a further breakdown for at least the military would show the average taxpayer they are being ripped off. (e.g. $500 of my tax bill is to keep troops in Afghanistan? $250 to fund the NSA? WTF?)

  4. Or getting to decide what portion each department gets of your money.