Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Cashless Society is an Attack on Our Privacy

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  1. Cuffed hands over your prone face, a goon sitting on your back, a boot on your neck, and the state buggering your accounts because you are an identified enemy of the state. From now on you will fall to the ground, prostrate yourself before the all powerful state, and tithe in repentance for your transgressions as a saver, of that which is not yours. Slaves are meant to possess nothing more than the clothes on their backs, and the shoes which allow them to work in their masters fields of endeavor.

    The early mental picture I got of George W. Bush was that of plantation owner swinging open the gates to the slave quarters, and inviting you to trust your old masters once again. Barack H. Obama is merely the uncle Tom employee who's job was to close the gate once his master's family had gone to the cotillion ball. The gate is being locked, your money confiscated, your books burned, and your level of freedom is dependent on your acquiescence to being a slave.