Wednesday, June 17, 2015

13 Tech Jobs that Pay at Least $130,000 Across the Country

IS (information systems) Security Manager: Up to $169,000

BI (business intelligence) Developer: Up to $171,000

UI/UX Designer: Up to $172,000

Android Developer: Up to $173,000

VP, Infrastructure: Up to $173,000

iOS developer: Up to $174,000

Application Architect: Up to $175,000

Scala Developer: Up to $177,000

Director, PMO: Up to $177,000

VP, Engineering: Up to $177,000

VP, Information Technology: Up to $178,000

Chief Data Officer: Up to $200,000

Chief Security Officer: Up to $214,000

(via Business Insider)

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  1. Wonderful, does business insider tell you how much the government takes from you when you are paid a salary like above? Those numbers are a lot less impressive after the state takes the hindmost.