Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Not Sure If This is Genius or Insanity: Uber for Dog Poop

Mark Cuban has stated that the app sector is in a huge bubble. Everyone around Silicon Valley is building apps.

Yesterday, I was pitched on the "opportunity" to invest in a deal in this sector: A dog poop app.

You down load the app to your phone, which allows you to signal to a dog poop picker upper after your dog poops on the sidewalk.

To join the service you pay $60 per month for unlimited service. You are given tiny flags to stick into the poop to signal to everyone that the poop will be picked up within 2 minutes.

You take a picture of the poop  and this sends the geolocation of the poop to a nearby poop collector.

Genius or insanity? I'm leaning toward Fed induced insanity. But at least the investors who fund this company will know from the start that the firm is full of it..


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  1. "Throw enough shit against the wall and something is bound to stick."- The Fed & Dog Poop App startup