Friday, June 5, 2015

Robot Teachers!!

A  robot teacher gives lecture at Jiujiang University in east China’s Jiangxi province on June 3, 2015. Developed by the intelligent robot studio of the University, the robot teacher can not only give lecture according to the teaching material, but also communicate with students.


  1. Jeez! Did they have to make her so creepy?? If they used her in kindergarten, the kids would never sleep again.

  2. Is this a government project? This is like observing that horses are slow and expensive, so let's build a robotic horse rather than automobiles.

    Instead, let students use computers, self-evalaution through automated tests, and on-line forums to discuss the material. Anyone who doesn't benefit from that can meet with the instructor for tutoring in groups.

  3. How is this any different than the current lot of automatons? Teachers after all--as John Taylor Gatto notes--are the dumbest of all professionals.