Monday, June 8, 2015

Trump Economics

He's a major league protectionist who hates free trade--and he has no understanding of the law of comparative advantage.

The Raleigh News Observer reports on a stop Trump made in that city, only a few days before Trump  is likely to make an official announcement that he is going to seek the presidency:
Addressing criticism that he lacks the political experience to be president, Trump said he’d be strong on foreign policy.

“I’ve made a lot of money beating China and other countries,” he said. “I only have experience beating other countries. Is that good experience?”

Trump offered an alternative plan for the international trade negotiations under way. He said Ford and other companies looking to move manufacturing to Mexico or overseas should face a 35 percent tax when they ship the goods back to the U.S.

That would bring the plants back home, he argued. “That’s what’s going to happen, and there are hundreds, thousands of those deals,” he said. “I will make this country so rich – if I run on the 16th – just you watch.”

Trump says he’ll make his formal announcement on June 16. “I think a lot of people are going to be very happy” with the decision, Trump told The News & Observer before a sold-out speech Saturday night. “They’re tired of watching America go down. ... It’s about making America great again. I can do it, and nobody else can do it.

In The Road to Serfdom, Hayek warned us about these can-do types.



  1. ─[Trump is] a major league protectionist who hates free trade ─and he has no understanding of the law of comparative advantage.─

    Oh, he's not the only one, Bob. He's one in good company with the rest of the GOP and its entourage of economically illiterate [i.e. protectionist] dolts.

  2. How does one "beat" another "country" exactly? What a blowhard!

  3. Trump would most likely not be as rich as he is if it weren't for the crony capitalist fed policy among other BS USG policies. I agree with Steve, Trump is a major blowhard.

    1. Trump's primary source of wealth is NYC real estate holdings he inherited from his father. Big time beneficiary of Fed policies there. All of his business ventures involving partners or the public eventually go to 0.