Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Is It That Sectors Where...

the government spends aggressively to "help" the poor, end up being areas where prices skyrocket out of control, leaving the poor to be completely dependent on poor quality government support?

File Under: Government Doesn't Work


  1. I say Washington is afflicted by "the three stooges" syndrome. Everything they do turns out a disaster, just like with the movie shorts. If you have a pipe leak, just call the three stooges, they will turn it into a flood, and put you out of house and home.
    To be more accurate, we have the 535 congressional stooges, 9 court justices, and president and vice president for a total of 546 stooges (without counting all the aids and advisors).

  2. This syndrome is the key feature of federal government support of student loans, housing, the ACA, health insurance, energy, and corn as a fuel. The idea is to use the bloated excess as a nutrient to the parasitic crony insiders who suck the public dry, which in all honesty has been the final goal for decades. The federal government wants the vast majority of the public to starve, and be forced to revolt.

    Robert, I know our political views are very different from Chris Hedges, but in a recent speech he stated that he saw the federal government forcing this upon the public so they would be forced to revolt. I am afraid that none of this is an accident, the people who run our domestic, and foreign policies are in lockstep in their depravity.

    I have respected Chris Hedges for decades because of his expertise in foreign policy, his years acting as a foreign correspondent allowed him to witness up close how warped are leaders actions are at home, and abroad. Robert, you noted in an article on Mitch McConnell that when things look sloppy or ineffectual, something else is going on below the radar, and that is exactly what is going on here.