Friday, July 10, 2015

A Fly on the Wall with the de Blasio Family


EPJ reader Harrison emails: 

I just got back home from a week long trip to Taos, NM. My first night there - July 3 - my wife and I ate in a hole in the wall restaurant on the south side of downtown. As we were being seated outside, I noticed that at the next table over was a guy that looked like NYC Mayor de Blasio. Then I noticed his son, with the giant afro, also looked like de Blasio's son. Then this guy's wife, with her back to me, also looked like de Blasio's wife - at least judging from her braided hair.

I looked around for security and seeing none (I later did spot them), convinced myself that I was mistaken. When their conversation drifted from current events in Greece to the beginning of an all-out attack on capitalism, I knew that I was correct the first time; this was the de Blasio family. Just as soon as I confirmed my initial assumptions, a customer a few tables over welcomed the family to town and said he was originally from Brooklyn.

I thought to introduce myself, but felt it was more beneficial to act like a clueless resident so I could listen even more intently - which was easy, as I was 5 feet away - as their onslaught against capitalism continued. For Greece's problems, the family's consensus solution was for more crony central planning: Greece should cede greater control to the EU. The anti-capitalism rants by the entire family were relentless, and I don't remember all of the conversation. But I do remember an explicit quote from the daughter: "I don't know who thought that capitalism was a good idea in the first place." I had to smirk, and try to hold back a laugh, as this little anti-capitalist who had just enjoyed the fruits of capitalism couldn't grasp the irony of her statement.

While it's disturbing to read statements from anti-capitalist politicians, hearing these statements directly from the horse's mouth, absent the press to score political points, and observing the conviction in which they deliver the message truly highlights the dangers of these true believers.



  1. I'd love to see them and any other anti-capitalist ignoramuses provide EVERYTHING for themselves for 1 year just to see how well they fare. Not too well, I'm sure.

    1. So, I guess that you don't know the TRUTH. There's a secret stash of all the goodies that mankind will ever want in a hollow mountain in Colorado. The ***capitalists*** have kept this stash secret for millennia.
      iPhones, flat screen TV's, hot cars, you name it. All invented and built since before history was invented.
      And they're just leaking them out slowly to keep people hungering for them and paying ridiculous sums for stuff that was built FOR FREE. (by gnomes).
      The De BLAHzios are on to them though.

    2. I had the same thought reading this. They can't do for themselves and they expect other people to keep doing. Collectivists apparently think the productive will keep working hard when the reward is removed. Most will become like Wally (from Dilbert) at best.

      WRT de Blaiso, etc I don't think there is much of anything practical the political class can do for themselves these days regardless of their beliefs. They are entirely parasites. The ones with any marketable skills outside of government/law/politics/cronyism are few and far between. Now if only the host would realize this.

    3. The opposite of capitalism isn't making everything for yourself. Common ownership and the necessity of cooperation are the hallmarks of communism and syndicalism. A better criticism would be to point out the so-called calculation problem.

  2. De Blasio is afflicted by the "Dunning–Kruger effect".. a scientifically validated phenomenon where people that are clueless, actually believe they are the brilliant, and possibly "all knowing".

  3. "Only ideas can overcome ideas."
    -Ludwig von Mises

    They may be ignorant, and not evil.

  4. Wags,

    We are all evil; it's only a question of degrees.

  5. Edward,

    Point taken. I should have been clearer in my phrasing, although I believe it should be pointed out that I did not employ the word "make" (as in manufacture), I employed the word "provide". I don't believe it's a stretch to say economic calculation is something that must be provided.

  6. Continued:

    I also purposely emphasized the word "everything" with the assumption that most readers of this site would grasp what I was stating. "Everything" including providing calculation.

    Again, thank you for pointing out my poor phrasing/lack of clarity.

    Now, if someone could help me understand why this site, and this site only, is cutting off my posts and not enabling me to respond directly to a particular poster, I would be grateful.

    1. Well, RW doesn't like you, obviously. The REST of us can, as I am doing now!
      Seriously, maybe it's your browser? I'm using Chrome, and it seems to work.

  7. "I don't know who thought that capitalism (or if you like, letting people do whatever they feel is best for them)was a good idea in the first place." said every king, despot, tyrant, elected official, maharajah, sultan, Shogun, bureaucrat, judge etc ever.

  8. Shame on me Capn. It didn't occur to me until you mentioned it that my uninstalling of Chrome several days ago for some experimentation may have something to do with it. Thanks.