Friday, July 10, 2015

Treasury Secretary Lew to Bernanke: I'm Dumping Alexander Hamilton from the Ten Dollar Bill

Ben Bernanke was quite upset when he learned that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew planned to replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill.

He even took to his blog to condemn the idea of replacing his man Hamilton. He "was appalled,” he wrote.

Lew has now responded to Bernanke's comments.

“What we meant to do is trigger a broad, public debate and we have triggered a broad public debate,” Lew said earlier this week at a Brookings Institution event in Washington D. C. “As a student of history, I’m very pleased that more people are paying attention to our history than they often do.”

“We have every intention of honoring Alexander Hamilton,” Lew said, but he added “We have every intention of honoring a woman.”


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  1. The latest: It turns out that Hamilton "self-identified" as a WOMAN! (Check out the hair!!) And since it only says "Hamilton" on the bill, they don't have to change his name to Caitlyn Hamilton, by which he was known until the day Burr pre-avenged us all.
    So Lew is right, he can have it both ways.