Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Apple Watch Sales Plunge 90%

Sales of the new Apple Watch have plunged by 90% since the opening week, according to a new market-research report.

Apple AAPL, -0.25%  has been selling fewer than 20,000 watches a day in the U.S. since the initial surge in April, and on some days fewer than 10,000, according to data from Palo Alto, Calif.-based Slice Intelligence.

That is a sharp decline from the week of the April 10 launch, when Apple sold about 1.5 million watches, or an average of about 200,000 a day, Slice estimates.

Furthermore, two-thirds of the watches sold so far have been the lower-profit “Sport” version, whose price starts at $349, according to Slice, rather than the costlier and more advanced models that start at $549

(via Market Watch)


  1. No comparison.
    I think Apple has reached the limits of "No matter WHAT we charge, the Steve Job Fanboy Zombies will pay it".

  2. Digital watches went out of style in the 90's. Not surprised. Maybe they should try an iboombox next.

  3. Smartwatches to me are a gimmick