Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donald Trump and His Wharton Degree

I always get a kick when Trump says, "I'm very smart. I went to Wharton."

He said it again today when he was attacking Lindsey Graham. I actually think Trump learned a lot more from Roy Cohn, then he ever did at Wharton, but that's another story.

I know a research analyst who works for an investment bank and specializes in the banking sector. He also went to Wharton. One time we were having lunch and I mentioned to him about the Federal Reserve being quite aggressive at the time in printing money.

He leaned across the dining table, keep in mind this is a Wharton grad who is a bank analyst, and said to me, "Hey Bob, Can the Fed really do that, print money out of thin air?"



  1. We all know that Donald Trump is not going to be the next President. Hillary has already been chosen. In the meantime we should all thank Trump for the entertainment and for raising issues that no other candidate dares to.

  2. I am now a fan of Trump, as a political entertainer just on Trump's statement of Lindsey Graham.

  3. My dad always said a business degree is a sheet of paper saying you went to college for 4 years.