Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How I Came to Austrian Economics

There is some great stuff going on at Mises University this week..

Overnight, here at EPJ, I featured Joe Salerno's talk, The Birth of the Austrian School. Below is the opening lecture of the 2015 Mises University delivered by Thomas DiLorenzo. There is some great stuff in this one, including some insight into the academic economics world,  Public Choice theory (good and bad) and much, much more.

These are the kinds of instructors you see at Mises U., real straight shooters.



  1. The problem is they have all adopted Rothbardian anarchism instead of Misesian minarchism. Rothbard rejected Mises, and they all followed him. And they don't realize how big a deal it is.

    1. Not really. For Mises was always in favor of the right of secession from the state. If this is brought to its extreme but logical consequences, the difference between Rothbard and Mises is mostly semantic.

    2. Anarchocapitalism is the only moral choice. It is also the only one that will lead to the best results for all.