Friday, July 17, 2015

Egg Prices Soar: Chinese Fast Casual Chain Panda Express Has Removed Eggs from Its Fried Rice

It's more a supply factor than a demand-side price inflation factor, but the price of eggs is soaring.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, egg prices have climbed in the month of June by 69%. Over the last year, they are up 302.9%.

More than 49 million chickens and turkeys died or were euthanized in 15 states this spring as the avian flu virus spread from the Pacific Northwest into Midwest farms.



  1. The American Egg Board reports as of May, 2015 about 26 million layers died during recent avian flu dropping total U.S. flock from 286 million to 270 million or about 8.4%. However, another organization reported the total flock of layers started at 304 million. At RW's higher death number the flock could have been reduced by about 16% while prices in California have nearly doubled. Another reason might be California's new regulation mandating chicken cages be doubled in size and restricting sales in California to those flocks that adhere to this rule. So while California is about 7th in egg production it is near the top in egg consumption and could have a significant effect on prices. Perhaps food industries competing with eggs have been more successful lobbying California. This regulation was passed by California voters as a proposition. Maybe the Hens have their own lobby.

  2. Just what we need - more corn in our diet. This seed is not suitable to be anything but a very small portion of the human diet. Terrible fatty acid profile (omega 3 to omega 6 ratio), very high glycemic, host to 22 different fungi some that produce mycotoxins. Also most corn is GMO.

  3. I buy eggs weekly. I have not seen any dramatic price increase -- or, really, any increase -- at the retail level here in SoCal over the past year. Maybe Sprouts -- where I shop -- is 'eating' the price increase it is seeing.