Friday, July 17, 2015

FIGHTING THE COMMIE: Uber Launches a Feature on Its App Mocking New York City Mayor de Blasio

Along with hailing a car, Uber riders in New York City can now summon a vision of a dystopian future where a car takes 25 minutes to show up. The new “feature” appears as a button labeled “DE BLASIO” at the bottom of the screen, along with ones for black cars and food delivery, reports Bloomberg. The option, named after Mayor Bill de Blasio, doesn't bring a car to your door. Instead, it offers such ominous messages as “NO CARS-SEE WHY” and “SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”

The company has also started running television advertisements against de Blasio, says B.\

Uber is protesting a bill that would limit the company from expanding the number of cars on its system in New York City by more than 1 percent of its current size. The bill may go for a vote as early as next week.



  1. DeBlasio who ran as a "populist" turns out to an uber-crony to the taxi interests at the expense of economic opportunities for ordinary New Yorkers. Many years ago it used to be possible for a middle class guy (and the occasional gal) to be an owner-operator of a NYC cab. (I know - my uncle was one.) Those days are gone due to abject cronyism and unchecked third world immigration. It's almost as if they were trying to destroy the middle class. Ya think?

    1. How dare you accuse government cronies of having enough intelligence to "plan ahead"!

      The destruction of the middle class is just a desired by-product.

      Socialist demagogues like DeBlowsalot honestly believe they are making society RICHER with their government edicts. That is the really scary part.

  2. I love this push back. DeBlasio will lose power when rich New Yorkers are being mugged in the streets. Just a matter of time.