Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gold Hater Roubini’s 10-Person Roof Deck Hot Tub Is Back

Bess Levin breaks the story down:
As those of you who keep up with the life and times of Dr. Nouriel Roubini well know, in September 2013, a dark cloud settled over the East Village. Specifically, East 1st Street, where the economist makes his home and where, for years, models/actresses/NYU grad students and other friends of Roubini could seek refuge in his rooftop hot tub, which he’d added to the property several years prior and which seated 10. Unfortunately, thanks to a busybody neighbor, hellbent on ruining the Doctor’s good time, plus the fact that he never got any of the required permits to install the otherwise illegal party deck, the centerpiece of his universe was to come crashing down. The Post reported that the Department of Buildings had forced Roubini to remove the thing, and though he vowed at the time to have the hot tub back up and running within three months, swearing “I’m getting all the permits!”, even his biggest fans were skeptical.

It wasn’t that anyone thought for a second he didn’t want it, it was just that…well these things are kind of a pain in the ass. And what if the neighbor had friends at the DoB who would hold things up on their end, putting the Doctor in some sort of 10 person hot tub purgatory? There was worry, to say the least.

But Nouriel Roubini is nothing if not A Man Of His Word, and when he said he was going to bring back al fresco fun? God damn it, HE MEANT IT.

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