Monday, July 27, 2015

New "Male Privilege Tax"

The country is collapsing. The masses are totally brainwashed and have a totally absurd view of how the economy works.


(ht Zebram Zee)


  1. You should check out his other videos like when he offers a choice of a free Hershey bar or a free 10 oz bar of silver. They all took the chocolate.

    1. That video, like his others on the same lines has various social tricks that make the silver seem like a scam of some sort. There are much better ways to test this, like leave the silver on the sidewalk and see if someone picks it up.

      This one is like all the petition videos. People want to look like they care so they do it. It's how politicians manipulate people into going along. You don't care if you don't support whatever it is they are pushing.

  2. It's really "the final phase in the New World Order". LOL. What a line and nobody has a clue. Millennials simply do not read or educate themselves.